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According to the schedule approved by the International Health Organization, the daily duration of sleep for newborns is 18 hours. And the quality of sleep determines the proper development and formation of the child, according to this data, a properly chosen orthopedic mattress is of paramount importance for the child’s health.

According to orthopedic doctors, an orthopedic mattress for a newborn baby is considered to be the firmest mattress, which provides a completely flat surface.It is also very important that the mattress uses harmless, anti-allergenic, non-toxic and naturally treated materials.

And the upper fabric should be flexible, breathable, anti-allergenic and wear-resistant, preferably with a chain for further care and easy washing.

These requirements are fully met by knitted fabrics.

Bio Luxe mattresses fully match all the requirements of orthopedic mattresses and ensure a healthy sleep for your baby.