Wet phyto-wipes Lovular

Wet phyto-wipes Lovular

Wet phyto-wipes Lovular

Wet phyto-wipes Lovular carefully care for sensitive skin of children and adults, clean impurities. A special water-based plant composition destroys harmful microbes and bacteria, preserves the skin’s natural protective barrier. Extracts of plants, which are impregnated with phyto-napkin, maintain the baby’s skin in a healthy state, without redness and irritation. Due to the dense non-woven material, after using wet phyto-napkins, there are no villi on the skin. If your baby falls and scratches the handles or legs, gently wipe the abrasions with a damp Lovular phyto-cloth. The plant composition will carry out antibacterial treatment of the skin and soothe it.

No alcohol, no oils, no flavors.

1500 Դ

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